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Getting You Out in One Piece!

Getting You Out in One Piece!  

Why Contacting a Towing Company Is Better Than Phoning a Friend

Finding yourself out of gas in the middle of nowhere can be a harrowing experience. It would be a little less daunting if you had someone else there with you, but finding yourself alone in this situation could be infuriating. Luckily, a towing company is just a phone call away. Here are a couple of reasons why you should call on them rather than a friend or a family member:

A Tow Truck

Your friend might be able to help you out with his or her pick-up truck, but some states have made it illegal to tow a vehicle with just another regular vehicle. Towing companies have functioning tow trucks which should have enough power to get you out of that tight spot. It wouldn’t really matter if your vehicle is stuck on a pile of mud or if you found yourself in an unfortunate collision accident because a tow truck would be the best and the most legal option to get your vehicle to safety.


You really wouldn’t expect to have much luck in dialing a friend or a family member during the wee hours of the night, but towing companies take pride in being ready to help you out at any time and any day. Their phone lines are open 24/7. All you need to do is just dial them up and they’ll be more than happy to come to your aid.

Now, you could find a company to tow your vehicle or you could easily check out A 1 Towing. We have been getting vehicles of all shapes and sizes out of ditches, muddy trails, and collisions for years; and you can bet that we can do the same for you as well. We are located in Starkville, MS and you can reach us at (662) 228-7571 for all of your questions and concerns.