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How to Stay Safe if Your Car Breaks Down

How to Stay Safe if Your Car Breaks Down  

Tips From Roadside Service Providers

What is the first thing that you’ll do if your car develops a problem in the middle of your commute? Like many car owners, your number-one priority will most likely be calling a roadside service provider that can help you restore the function of your vehicle and make it roadworthy again. Doing this is essential, but remember that it isn’t the only thing that you should do! Once you’ve called your roadside assistance company, you should also take the following steps:

Make sure your car is visible

You don’t want another car to crash into yours while you’re waiting for help to arrive. So, you need to find ways to ensure that your vehicle will be easily seen by other motorists. Tie a white handkerchief (or any other piece of cloth) to your radio antenna and turn on your hazard lights. If you’ve brought reflective triangles with you, place one ten feet behind your car and another one a hundred feet away. Remember to place another triangle several feet in front of your vehicle as well.

Decide if it’s safer to stay inside your car

If you’re stuck in the middle of a busy highway, it might be safer for you to remain inside your vehicle since you might get hit by other motorists and become injured if you’d step out. However, if your car has broken down on a quiet road with barely any cars passing by, it might be safe to get out of your vehicle and wait for your roadside assistance provider by the side of the road. Carefully assess your situation to know which option is safer.

Use these tips to stay safe and secure when your vehicle breaks down. If you’re still searching for a company that offers roadside assistance solutions, don’t hesitate to call A 1 Towing. Dial (662) 228-7571 now and take advantage of our professional and dependable roadside service in Starkville, MS!