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Not Sure What to Do When You Car Breaks Down?

Not Sure What to Do When You Car Breaks Down?  

Advice on How to Correctly Wait for Your Local Towing Service

You would have to contact your local towing service if you find yourself stranded because of a flat tire, engine trouble or a car accident. If this occurs, there are some vital steps to adhere to once you have called a towing company. Below, we, at A 1 Towing in Starkville, MS, have provided some important advice on how to ensure you and your vehicle stay safe.

Try to move your car.

Try to move your vehicle as far away from any oncoming traffic as possible, preferably on the road’s shoulder, if it is safe to do so. This stops any passing motorists from colliding with your vehicle while you wait for your tow truck and making sure your car is much easier to reach when the tow truck arrives in order for the experts to hook it up and take it to a safe zone.

Switch on your hazard lights.

Switch on your vehicle’s hazard lights, once you’ve moved your vehicle safely to the side of the road while waiting to be towed. This hazard light button or switch is usually situated on the steering column or your dashboard. These flashing lights alert traffic that your car has a problem. This is especially true at night because it is more visible.

Put reflective triangles around your car.

If you have them, place reflective triangles around your vehicle to cordon off the area. Make sure to put one in the front and back of your vehicle, and one on the side of the car which is facing the road. This helps ensure your vehicle can be seen by passing motorists while you’re waiting for your towing truck to arrive.

Gather your belongings.

Gather anything within your vehicle which you may have to take with you, once you have been towed away. This includes any valuables and the vehicle’s insurance information.

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