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Roadside Assistance Service Tips

How to Get a Free Tow?  

Did you know that there are many ways to get a free or affordable towing service? You got to know these ahead of time, especially if you own or renting a car. Getting a roadside assistance service can be very expensive, but with this information, you can definitely avoid unnecessary expenses. Here are how you can get zero to affordable towing.

Car’s Warranty

If you had just bought a new car and it acts up in the middle of the road, you can always complain to your seller or manufacturer. Many of them include towing service on their warranty protection program. They’ll only cover a specific distance, though so make sure to inquire with their representative for the details. You can also check it on the warranty contract you own.


If you’re not a member of a car organization, it might be a nice idea to be a member now. That is if you won’t mind paying a membership fee every month. It’s not that expensive, so if you got extra cash, investing in it may not be a bad idea. It has other benefits aside from car towing. You can even use it three times a year.

Car Insurance

If you have an insured car, there might be no need for you to hire a towing company or get a roadside assistance service. These may be part of the benefits you’ll be enjoying. But of course, the policies vary from one company to another so it’s important to inquire about yours with your insurance provider.


Banks also provide a roadside assistance service, specifically free towing. They’re not really openly advertised on the market, which gives debit holders an element of surprise once they knew. Just like your telecommunication company or car insurance membership, their towing service only covers a specific distance so don’t forget to check it out.

In case you don’t qualify to enjoy the following, you can also contact A 1 Towing at (662) 228-7571 to get affordable roadside assistance service. We offer fast and top-notch towing service in Starkville, MS.