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The Common Reasons Why Cars Are Towed

The Common Reasons Why Cars Are Towed  

Hiring an Emergency Towing Company Should Be a Priority

Any car, either brand new or used, is not prone to sudden problems. These sudden problems cause the vehicle to shut down without warning. And if a vehicle shuts down, there is no option than to call an emergency towing company. Listed below are some reasons why cars are towed.


Crashing into another motorist is one of the most common reasons why vehicles are towed. Although accidents are avoidable, they can never be fully prevented as no can predict the movements of fellow drivers in the road. Vehicles which suffered heavy damage and are no longer functional need to be towed immediately.

Collisions do not only damage the vehicle, but they also cause serious injuries to the driver and his/her passengers. Drivers should be more vigilant– keeping a safe driving distance and adjusting speed for different road conditions. Serious injuries can always be avoided even if a collision occurs.


There are numerous causes of engine overheating, and all of them cause long-term damage to the vehicle’s engine. Overheating can be caused by damaged fan belts or leaked water pumps just to name a few. When an engine overheats, the vehicle stops running. Thus, an emergency towing company is called to move the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

Fuel delivery or out of gas

Running out of gasoline is not the best feeling for any car owner. It is actually quite embarrassing for a vehicle to be towed because it ran out of fuel. It is not only humiliating, but it is also dangerous for the car owner as well as his passengers to be stranded on the side of the freeway, miles away from the nearest gasoline station.

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